Our new cups featured in “13 fast, convenient meals at Natural Products Expo West 2017”

“We are so obsessed with Peak Sherpa’s Tsampa cereal bowls. Tsampa (roasted barley) is a staple food in Himalayan communities. But we haven’t really seen it in the United States. With this amazing cereal, now packaged in portable cups, Peak Sherpa normalizes tsampa with approachable flavors like Cherry Almond Cranberry. Did we mention the company also donates a portion of sales to Sherpa villages in Nepal?”

Fast, convenient meals at Expo West 2017Read the full article at: www.newhope.com

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Healthier Cereal in ’17: Peak Sherpa Tsampa #Giveaway

Happy New Year! I have a confession to make. I’ve been holding out on you. This fall, I had the opportunity to test out a bunch of great healthy products. I decided to hold out and to do a “Healthier in ’17” series of posts and giveaways to power a healthier 2017 for my readers. At the last Chicago Sweets and Snacks Show, I met…Read the full article at: ericafinds.com

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On the shelves at Haggen! Upcoming Demos

We're excited to announce that we are now on the shelves of all 15 Haggen Locations! Find the store nearest you! We will also be doing demos at the following stores over the next couple weeks to introduce our product. Come by and see us and try some delicious Tsampa!...

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Tsampa is HOT!

Tsampa is HOT! Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert featured our Traditional Tsampa on Phil's Food Reviews! We were stoked on our scores for taste, value, nutrition, ingredients, preparation, appearance, and packaging but are perplexed by our sustainability rating. Seems...

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Sherpa Foods Tsampa at New Season’s Markets!

We have exciting news for all our Oregon (and now Mercer Island!) fans, Sherpa Foods Tsampa Cereals just launched in all New Season's Markets stores! Check out our Store Locator to find the store closest to you! You'll find us in the cereal...

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Oprah: Why Barley Makes The Best Breakfast

Why does Oprah think barley makes the “best breakfast?” Its long lasting energy of course! These morning meal ideas on from chef and author Robin Asbell (who also wrote an awesome article about our tsampa!) will mix up your routine and power you through your day.

In this article Robin sites hulled pearl barley, but not only is our Traditional Tsampa a perfect substitute, tsampa is 100% whole grain which means higher fiber and even longer lasting energy! Reach your peak!

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What to Eat Before and After a Workout

Wondering what to eat before and after your workout? This article from consumer reports offers suggestions for small snacks that help fuel your workout and aid recovery.

Common across all exercises? “…a snack that combines fiber-rich carbs and protein 30 to 60 minutes ahead of a workout is your best bet.”

Tsampa perfectly fits the bill!

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Barley lowers not one but two types of ‘bad cholesterol,’ review suggests

This article from Science Daily details a new study from St. Michael’s Hospital that shows eating barley or foods containing barley significantly reduced levels of two types of “bad cholesterol” associated with cardiovascular risk.

“Barley’s positive effect on lowering cholesterol is well-documented and has been included in the Canadian strategy for reducing cardiovascular risk,” said Dr. Vuksan. “Health Canada, the FDA and several health authorities worldwide have already approved health claims that barley lowers LDL cholesterol, but this is the first review showing the effects on other harmful lipids.”

We’re excited to see the continued research showing the health benefits of barley, the grain we sprout and roast to mill into Tsampa.

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Whole Grains: What are the Health Benefits? 

THE MAIN BENEFITS OF WHOLE GRAINSThe benefits of whole grains most documented by repeated studies include:stroke risk reduced 30-36%type 2 diabetes risk reduced 21-30%heart disease risk reduced 25-28%better weight maintenanceOther benefits indicated by recent studies include:reduced risk of asthmahealthier carotid arteriesreduction of inflammatory disease risklower risk of colorectal cancerhealthier blood pressure levelsless gum disease and tooth loss

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The Sherpa Diet For Legendary Mountain Strength

“”Take a tip from the masters of the mountains…Learn­ing to eat like a Sherpa unlocks the secrets behind their bound­less strength and energy.”

While you may not be climbing Mt. Everest or riding horseback across the Tibetan steppes, our Tsampa will give you that same sustaining energy to tackle a long hike, a bike commute to work, or an endless morning of back-to-back meetings.

You have a mountain to climb every day, don’t you?

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Barley fueled farmers’ spread onto Tibetan plateau

Cold-tolerant crop enabled high-altitude agriculture some 3,600 years ago…

The peopling of the Tibetan plateau represents an important shift in human history, as people evolved physiological adaptations that enabled them to live at high altitudes1. It also marked a convergence of hunter-gatherer, pastoral and farming traditions from East and West. “There are all kinds of things about the occupation of Tibet that intrigue a whole array of scientists across a number of different fields,” says Madsen.

The new study suggests that the push to farm at higher altitudes happened as temperatures were cooling. That contradicts the common idea that people would move to higher and colder places only when the environment improves, say the researchers, who are led by Fahu Chen and Guanghui Dong of Lanzhou University in China. Their work appears in Science on 20 November”

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We’re on the Shelves at PCC Natural Markets!

We are excited to share the news that all 5 flavors of our Tsampa cereal are available at seven PCC Natural Markets locations! We are on the shelves at the following stores and our founders will be doing demos at each location over the next few weeks - come by to say...

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Tsampa Greek Salad

A vibrant vegetarian salad with summer Mediterranean flavors – This Greek Salad is quick to make, great on its own or with any grilled mains!

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Tsampa is on the Menu For Mars!

Sian Proctor, a geology professor at South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, knows what it takes to be inventive with limited food supplies in an alien environment. She spent four months in 2013 living in the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) habitat, a series of missions funded by the NASA Human Research Program and designed to study the daily activities of a crew living on Mars. Proctor’s specific mission was to cook with only shelf-stable ingredients — such as freeze-dried chicken and tsampa, a Tibetan staple made from roasted barley flour — and no fresh food at all.

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