Tsampa: The Legendary Grain

Just as Sherpas help climbers reach the world’s highest peaks, Peak Sherpa helps you reach your peak each day with nutritious products that provide lasting energy. While you may not be climbing Mt. Everest or riding horseback across the Tibetan steppes, our Tsampa will give you that same sustaining energy to tackle a long hike, a bike commute to work, or an endless morning of back-to-back meetings.

Peak Sherpa products are made with Tsampa (sahm’-pa), a sprouted and roasted barley that is a food staple of the Himalayan people. Tsampa is fully cooked and just needs to be mixed with water, milk, or yogurt. Its high fiber content, prebiotic resistant starch, and plant protein provides sustained fuel for people on the go.

Our Tsampa’s authentic and delicious taste comes from our unique production process, which is inspired by traditional Tibetan artisan methods. We use only premium quality ingredients like organic, non-GMO whole grain barley, organic fruits and nuts, Himalayan sea salt, and fair-trade cocoa. We hope this quintessentially Tibetan food brings you health, happiness and a little closer to the spirit of the Himalayas.

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